Israeli special forces dressed as doctors attack hospital and kill patients

Video clips show Israeli special forces dressed as doctors attack hospital and kill patients.

Israeli special forces dressed as doctors attack hospital and kill patients

MojNews-Video clips show Israeli special forces dressed as doctors attack hospital and kill patients. 

Israel’s brutality against Palestinian people once again comes to light as the regime’s forces raid a hospital in the West Bank and kill patients there.

Israeli commandos disguised as medical staff and civilians shot dead three Palestinian patients inside Ibn Sina Hospital in the city of Jenin.

The undercover operatives carried out the killings while the male patients were sleeping at the medical facility on Tuesday. 

“This morning three young men were martyred by the bullets of the occupation [Israeli] forces who stormed the Ibn Sina Hospital in Jenin and shot them,” the Palestinian Health Ministry in Ramallah announced in a statement. 

The ministry condemned the raid and called on the international community to pressure Israel's military to halt such operations in hospitals. 

"The minister of health calls urgently on the United Nations General Assembly, international institutions and human rights organizations to end the daily string of crimes committed by the occupation (Israel) against our people and health centers,” it said. 

Hospital director Naji Nazzal told AFP that "a group of Israeli forces entered the facility undercover and assassinated the men." They used weapons fitted with silencers, he said.

The slain patients have been identified as Muhammad Jalamnah, Muhammad Ayman Ghazawi and Basel Ayman Ghazawi.

The Israeli occupation army said in a statement that the patients were Hamas members who were using the hospital as a hideout, without providing evidence. 

The statement said Mohammad Jalamneh was planning an imminent attack and had been transferring weapons and ammunition to other members. It claimed that the two other victims were hiding inside the hospital and were involved in attacks against Israelis. 

The Palestinian Hamas resistance movement condemned the raid on the hospital. It said the Israeli army’s “crimes will not go unanswered”. Hamas added the killings are a “continuation of the occupation’s ongoing crimes against our people from Gaza to Jenin”. 

Palestinian fighters “will not be intimidated by assassinations or weakened by the crimes of the cowardly enemy”, Hamas said.

Jenin remains at the heart of Palestinian resistance in the face of repeated Israeli raids, in which the occupation army has demolished homes and ripped up streets as well as carried out airstrikes. 

Israeli troops regularly prevent paramedics from reaching Palestinians who have been wounded in Israeli attacks. But the raid on a West Bank hospital and slaughtering patients there turns the spotlight on the savage nature of the regime. 

In the Gaza Strip, Israeli forces have bombarded and stormed hospitals and carried out massacres since they launched war on the besieged territory on October 7. 


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