Western powers are indifferent to humanity: Rayeesi says

Iranian president strongly condemned western powers' indifference to Zionist regime's massacre in Gaza.

Western powers are indifferent to humanity: Rayeesi says

MojNews-Iranian president strongly condemned western powers' indifference to Zionist regime's massacre in Gaza.  

The United States and Western countries have “a dark record of looting the resources and assets of other nations”, all the while professing a commitment to “human rights”, security and stability, Iran’s president said at a meeting with Niger's Prime Minister Ali Lamine Zeine in Tehran on Thursday.

Israel has been carrying out heavy bombardment across the Gaza Strip since early October, killing more than 25,700 Palestinians, including thousands of children and women, and wounding over 63,800 others, and levelling entire neighbourhoods. Thousands more are missing and feared buried under the rubble.

American and European officials have promised rock-solid and unwavering support to Tel Aviv. In recent months, President Joe Biden, French President Emmanuel Macron, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and several others European leaders visited Tel Aviv to show their support for Israel. Tehran says the Western leaders' trips to the occupied territories are aimed at giving artificial respiration to Israel and demonstrate the US' and Europe's concerns over the downfall of the Zionist regime.

The United States has been providing Israel with unconditional military and political support in its onslaught against Gaza, arming Tel Aviv with more than 10,000 tons of military hardware. The US has also torpedoed the prospect of cessation of the Israeli aggression by stonewalling ratification of all UN Security Council resolutions that have been calling for a permanent ceasefire in the Israeli assault.

Iranian officials say the United States is waging a war on Palestinians in the Gaza Strip through Israel, and stress if Washington’s political and military aid to Zionists is cut off, the regime won’t be able to proceed its military campaign against the blockaded territory.

The UK government’s diplomatic backing, military aid and direct involvement in the conflict - through giving intelligence to the Israelis - has made it complicit in facilitating genocide. The UK military has carried out some 50 spy missions over the Gaza Strip for the Israeli regime since last month, a new investigation has revealed.

"The ongoing situation in Gaza and what is happening to its oppressed people reveal the true nature of these countries that claim [to advocate human rights] and shows that the lives of humans have no value for them," Rayeesi added.

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