Iran IRGC determined to retaliate Kerman terrorist attack

The head of IRGC vowed to retaliate Kerman terrorist attack.

Iran IRGC determined to retaliate Kerman terrorist attack

MoJNews-Major General Hossein Salami, the commander of Iran IRGC has said that IRGC is quite detemined to retaliate Kerman terrorist attack. 

Addressing the public on Friday, the IRGC commander emphasized that the martyrdom of dozens of Iranians in the attack echoed the setbacks experienced by the "body of arrogance" and its regional and internal elements in recent years.

General Salami declared, "The martyrdom of these courageous Iranians will not go unanswered. We have received the directive from the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, and we are committed to carrying it out." He emphasized that divine intervention has empowered the Iranian people and the Islamic nation to retaliate against their adversaries.

Referring to the legendary Martyr Soleimani and his companions, General Salami highlighted their success in freeing Iraq from American political control. He noted that the United States, aiming to exert political dominance in Afghanistan, faced a humiliating withdrawal.

Despite U.S. attempts to impose sanctions on Iran, General Salami asserted that these measures were thwarted, resulting in failure.

Addressing the Zionist regime's ambitions in the region, he stated that while they sought to expand from the Nile to the Euphrates, the resilience of the heroic Palestinians had brought the Zionist regime to the brink of collapse.

General Salami praised the Al-Aqsa Storm operation for showcasing the defeat of the occupying regime.

Discussing the origins of ISIS, a byproduct of American policies in the Islamic world, the general highlighted the group's failed attempt to redraw the political map of the Islamic world and establish a global Islamic caliphate. He credited the efforts of revolutionary youth, led by the late Qassem Soleimani, for eradicating any remnants of this terrorist group.

In conclusion, General Salami affirmed that the Iranian nation would not be deterred by these terrorist attacks.

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