world is surprised by Palestinian resistance against Israeli

Iranian president says that international community is deeply surprised by Palestinian resistance in Gaza Strip.

world is surprised by Palestinian resistance against Israeli

MojNews-Ebrahim Raisi in a big gathering in the Iranian city of Gorgan praised the resistance of palestinians agaisnt Israeli and described that as a thing which has surprised international community. 

All in the world are surprised by the power and determination of the young Palestinians, he added, noting that heads of many countries officially acknowledge this power and wonder how the Palestinians have achieved it in a land that is described as the world's largest open-air prison.

He went on to add that the resistance is inspired by “the invincible power of the people in the Islamic Republic of Iran. We believe that blood prevails over the sword.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, the president stated that the adversaries’ cruel plans against the country, including efforts to block the foundation and consolidation of an Islamic republic system and impede Iran’s prosperity, have failed.

Despite all threats and restrictions, the resolute Iranian people have succeeded in making development in a variety of industries, according to Raisi.

In a Tuesday phone call with his Turkmen counterpart Serdar Berdimuhamedow, Raisi asserted that the crimes committed by the U.S. and the Israeli regime against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have enraged people internationally.

“What is being afflicted on the oppressed people of Gaza in terms of oppression and crime, by the Zionist regime and the U.S. has deeply affected and angered all the Muslims of the world as well as all the people of the world,” the Iranian president said.

The atrocities, he stated, “have deeply affected and enraged not only all the world’s Muslims, but also the entire people of the world.”

The president of Iran stressed the necessity of using all resources at hand to support the oppressed Gazan people.

Following the Palestinian resistance group Hamas’s surprise Operation Al-Aqsa Storm against the occupying regime in retaliation for the Israeli regime's crimes against Palestinians, the Tel Aviv regime launched a war on Gaza on October 7.

The Israeli regime has killed almost 20,000 Palestinians since the commencement of the U.S.-backed war, including around 8,000 children and 6,200 women, and injured 52,586 more. Numerous people are reported missing and believed dead under the rubble.





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