U.S. President Donald Trump blamed Obama on rising tension with Turkey over S400 issue.

MojNews- U.S. President Donald Trump on Saturday gave strong messages on a wide array of global issues in his closing speech at the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan.

In the Q&A session of his speech, in response to a question about the S400 - F35 tension between the U.S. and Turkey , Trump said he puts America first in all matters but cannot turn a blind eye to Turkey's unfair treatment by former US administration, referring to Barack Obama 's handling of Turkey's request to purchase U.S. defense systems.

Despite their longstanding strategic alliance as members of NATO , since 2017 Turkey and the U.S. have been at odds over Turkey's decision to buy the S-400, a Russian-made missile defense system, and U.S. threats to break its contract to sell Turkey F-35 jets over the dispute.To defend itself, Turkey first sought to purchase U.S.-made Patriot missiles, but even as the U.S. was sending weapons and ammunition to Turkey’s avowed enemies, the terror group YPG/PYD in northern Syria, Washington chose to ignore its ally's needs and national interests and rebuffed Turkey’s overtures.

Despite growing calls from the U.S. for Turkey to abandon its deal with Russia, Turkish officials describe their transaction with Russia as a "done deal."

"Obama administration said no, no, no to Turkey when they wanted to purchase Patriots and they [Turkey] bought S400," Trump said and called Obama administration's reluctance and failure to sell Patriots to Turkey a 'mess'.