The director of industry, mining and trade of Qeshm Free Zone Organization announced the investment of two thousand and 70 billion Rials of private sector in the two Tula and Fajr industrial towns of this free zone.

According to Public Relations and International Affairs of Qeshm Free Zone Organization , Mohammad Berenji announced: 11 companies of private sector, sponsored by Qeshm Free Zone Organization, have invested in this area in different fields.


Announcing that each of these 11 companies had an average physical progress of about 50%, he added: It is expected that the number of manufacturing companies will be added to Qeshm companies by the end of 1398.

According to the director of industry, mining, and trade in Qeshm Free Zone, these companies are active in the field of cosmetic industry, clothing, dry fish, medical disposables (covers, shoes, hats, gloves), cigarettes and production

of marine engine, and provides around 450 direct job opportunities for job seekers in this free area.


He stated: Most of these units will be operational in the first half of 1398 and will be operational by the end of next year, and the number of active manufacturing enterprises in the industrial towns of Qeshm Free Zone will increase by more than 200 units.

According to Berenji, with the start of the 11 companies, the number of active forces in Qeshm's industrial towns will reach more than 5,000.

Qeshm Island, with an area of ​​1,500 square kilometers, is located in southern Iran, and despite the activities of the Free Zone Organization and the use of special laws and regulations of this organization, investors from inside and outside the country are active in various industrial sectors of the region.