Biden is a supporter of terrorism

Trump has said that Biden is a supporter of terrorism.

Biden is a supporter of terrorism

MojNews-Trump has said that Biden is a supporter of terrorism.

Donald Trump said that Joe Biden has provided material support for terrorism, alluding to the recent arrest of eight migrants with suspected ties to ISIL.

“So, in addition to all of his other well-documented offenses, crooked Joe Biden is now also guilty of providing material support for terrorism,” the former president told a crowd gathered for an event in West Palm Beach, Florida, to celebrate his 78th Birthday.

Trump vowed the country is going to “pay a steep price for many, many years” over Biden’s border policy, The Independent reported.

The comments were in reference to a recent federal terrorism investigation, in which eight migrants from Tajikistan were arrested over suspected links to the terror group, after previously crossing the US-Mexico border last year and passing security screening.

Federal officials have provided few details about the arrests, though they’ve described the group as containing “several non-citizens,” according to the FBI and Department of Homeland Security.


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