Anti NATO rally in Italy left 8 injured

An anti NATO rally in Italy left at least 8 people injured.

Anti NATO rally in Italy left 8 injured

MojNews-An anti NATO rally in Italy left at least 8 people injured. 

Eight people have been reportedly injured during clashes between police and demonstrators taking part in an anti-NATO march in the Italian city of Naples.

Lebanese Al Mayadeen reported, citing the Corriere della Sera newspaper, "demonstrators made an effort to breach police lines en route to the San Carlo opera house, where a concert commemorating the 75th anniversary of the alliance was scheduled".

The report also noted a pro-Palestinian procession along Naples' Via Toledo, featuring participants displaying banners opposing NATO.

Around 50 people tried to break through the police cordon, forcing law enforcement officials to respond with batons. Meanwhile, pro-Palestinian protesters called on NATO to stop cooperating with the Israeli regime.

Late last month, mass group demonstrations took place on March 30 in several European countries as part of the weekly ongoing protests since the beginning of the Israeli war on Gaza. 

The demonstrations showcased unprecedented high momentum and a wide scope across Europe, extending to many cities, including London, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Oslo, and others.


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