50 percent rise in Iran's arms exports

According to reports, Iran has witnessed a 50 percent rise in its arms exports.

50 percent rise in Iran's arms exports

MojNews-According to reports, Iran has witnessed a 50 percent rise in its arms exports. 

Brigadier General Reza Talaei-Nik, spokesperson for Iran's Defence Ministry, has announced the country's plan to increase the export of its defence products by 50%. 

Speaking on Sunday, Talaei-Nik said the Defence Ministry has made significant progress in enhancing the production of defence equipment and fulfilling the requirements of the Armed Forces. “Iran has achieved self-sufficiency in meeting its defence needs, enabling it to focus on expanding its export market,” he said.

The spokesman added that despite deciding to boost exports, Iran will make sure to maintain “technological surprise” against potential adversaries. “The Armed Forces have pursued and will pursue the principle of technological surprise against the enemy and at the same time prevent any kind of surprise in the offensive and defensive fields,” he noted. 

Talaei-Nik also hailed the efforts of researchers at the Defence Ministry for achieving notable successes in technological innovation and the development of modern defence systems. 

“Iran is currently among the top 10 countries in the world in terms of defence industry technology. We are committed to strengthening our military capabilities, which are solely for defensive purposes.”

Iran has a vast arsenal of various modern homegrown weapons which it’s managed to develop despite heavy Western sanctions in the past decades. Reports show that Tehran is gradually becoming a supplier of arms for countries around the world. Reportedly, Iranian weapons are already being used in Asia, Africa, South America and even Europe. 

Last month, Defence Minister Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Ashtiani announced that Iran has increased arms exports four to five times in the past two years. 

Experts believe Iranian weapons have gained recognition and customers in the international market due to their high effectivity and low costs. Iranian-made UAVs and missiles are believed to be among the most sought-after weaponries of the country. 


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