Joint agricultural cooperation committee is set up by Iran-Africa

Iran and African nations have set up joint agricultural cooperation committee.

 Joint agricultural cooperation committee is set up by Iran-Africa

MojNews-Iran and African nations have set up joint agricultural cooperation committee. 

The committee was launched with the participation of the representatives of the Water and Soil Deputy Office of Iran’s Ministry of Agriculture.

The representatives and managers of various sectors presented Iran’s capacities and capabilities given the request of the trade ministers of Niger and Central Africa.

Then, the adviser to Iran’s Minister of Agriculture, Fariborz Abbasi, and the project commissioner for the development of modern irrigation systems submitted a comprehensive report regarding the experiences of both public and private sectors in the fields of water and irrigation.

Also, Iran’s capabilities in various fields of the sustainable soil management especially soil science studies (pedology) and the provision of the manageable maps, production and export of fertilizers and biological soil modifiers were introduced.

Iran also expressed its readiness to participate in the African countries and cooperate in the field of implementation of water and soil projects.

Iran’s capital Tehran hosted economy ministers from more than 40 African countries at the second Iran-Africa International Summit during April 26-29.

The opening ceremony of the event was attended by senior Iranian officials including President Ebrahim Raisi and Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade Abbas Aliabadi.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, President Raisi voiced Iran's readiness to further boost it economic relations with African countries.

"This meeting is a symbol of the will of African countries and Iran to expand economic relations," he said.

Referring to the difference in Iran's view of Africa compared to Western countries, he said, "Cooperation with Africa was emphasized by Imam Khomeini and also emphasized by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution. Westerners want Africa for themselves, but we want Africa for itself."

The history of Africa shows how many Western countries have plundered Africa's resources, Raisi noted.


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