Exports from Bushehr exceeds $8.2b in 9 months

According to new data, Exports from Iranian Province of Bushehr exceeds $8.2b in recent 9 months.

Exports from Bushehr exceeds $8.2b  in 9 months

MojNews-$8.2 billion goods  were exported from Bushehr in recent 9 months. 

A local customs official, Ali Soleimani said that the exported commodities have reached $8.264 billion in the said period, which indicates a 9 percent growth in terms of weights compared to the same period last year.

Most of the exported goods include petrochemical products, gas condensate, cement and clinker, fresh vegetables, and aquatics, he stated.

Also, the highest amount of these goods was exported to China, UAE, India, Turkey, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Qatar, and Vietnam.

Bushehr Province has a 937-kilometer coastline alongside the Persian Gulf.

Bushehr Port, the main port facility in the province, can handle more than 7 million tons of goods per year and can host vessels weighing over 30,000 tons.

The port is capable of offering services for bulk, containerized, general, and petrochemical cargos, refrigerated products, raw materials, storage, and processing of various commodities and passengers, according to the Ports and Maritime Organization of Iran.

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