$80m projects launched in Chabahar Port

Major projects launched in Chabahar Port.

$80m projects launched in Chabahar Port

MojNews-Major projects in value of $80m launched in Chabahar Port. 

The second phase of a 100,000-ton grain silo, a 25-megawatt power plant, a water desalination plant with a capacity of 5,000 cubic meters and a storage warehouse with a capacity of 734,000 tons are among the projects whose implementation was started with the presence of the Minister of Transport and Urban Development.

Also, a multi-purpose cargo support terminal with an annual capacity of 296,000 tons and a container support service terminal with an annual capacity of 50,000 TEU were other development and executive projects started in Chabahar’s Shahid Beheshti Port.

According to Bazrpash, providing a suitable platform for the use of port infrastructure and equipment in Shahid Beheshti port, promoting the participation of the private sector in the development of port activities, and attracting private sector investment for the development of the country’s maritime-oriented economy and the development of Makran coasts are among the major goals of logistics projects being implemented in Chabahar Port.

As Iran's only oceanic port on the Gulf of Oman, Chabahar Port holds great significance for the country both politically and economically. The country has taken serious measures to develop this port to improve the country’s maritime trade.

The port consists of Shahid Kalantari and Shahid Beheshti terminals, each of which has five berth facilities. The port is located in Iran’s Sistan-Baluchestan Province and is about 120 kilometers southwest of Pakistan’s Baluchistan Province, where the China-funded Gwadar port is situated.

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