Flash floods hit southeast Iran

Iranian province Sistan and Baluchestan experiences heavy railings and Flash floods.

Flash floods hit southeast Iran

MojNews-Iranian province Sistan and Baluchestan experiences heavy railings and Flash floods. 

Rivers have burst their banks in the southeastern Iranian provinces Sistan and Baluchestan following heavy rain and subsequent flash floods on Wednesday.

After torrential rains and major flooding hit United Arab Emirates on Tuesday, the same wave of sever weather arrived in Iran and hit hard the southern and southestern provinces of Bandar Abass, kerman and Sistan and Baluchestan on late on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Rivers burst their banks and dams were full of water as huge floods washed away people's properties in some areas in Kerman and Sistan and Baluchestan provinces on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the search and rescue teams saved three people who had been announced missing in the floods earlier today in Kerman Province. 

Sistan and Baluchestan which borders Sea of Oman was also hit earlier this year in March by flash floods.

The chairman of roads administration of Sistan and Baluchestan province told reporters that the floods had blocked the roads between twenty villages in the province.


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