Brussels film festival hosts Iranian short movie

Iranian short film "Hamster" will be screened at Brussels film festival.

 Brussels film festival hosts Iranian short movie

MojNews-Iranian short film "Hamster" will be screened at  Brussels film festival. 

 Iranian director Fatima Nofely’s movie “Hamster” will go on screen at the main section of the 27th edition of the Brussels Short Film Festival, which will be held in the Belgian capital from April 24 to May 4. 

A joint production of Iran and France, “Hamster” follows the story of Mahi and Pouya, a couple on a trip who wake up to the tragic discovery of their friends' deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning, for which they hold themselves accountable.

As Mahi grapples with the guilt and responsibility of their friends' deaths, she struggles to come to terms with the harsh reality of their situation. Despite the fear and uncertainty that looms over her, she decides that running away will only make matters worse and believes that staying to confront the consequences is the right thing to do. Pouya, on the other hand, is driven by fear and self-preservation, pushing him to consider fleeing from the scene in a bid to avoid facing the reality of their actions.

As the rift between Mahi and Pouya deepens, the tension between them reaches its breaking point. In a race against time, Mahi and Pouya must come to a decision that will not only define their own fates but also determine the course of their relationship. 

Brussels Short Film Festival serves as a gathering for film enthusiasts, catering to both audiences and industry professionals. The primary aim of the festival is to showcase and circulate short films while fostering connections between viewers, emerging filmmakers, and established industry figures.

Notably, as of 2018, the recipient of the Great Prize in the International competition has the unique opportunity to be considered for entry into the Animated Short Film/Live Action Short Film category at the prestigious Academy Awards. This special consideration allows the winning film to bypass the typical requirement of a theatrical release, provided that it meets all other eligibility criteria outlined by the Academy.


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