Iranian movie will be screened at Spanish festival

Iranian movie called “For the Sake of Ava” will be screened at Spanish festival.

Iranian movie will be screened at Spanish festival

MojNews-Iranian movie called “For the Sake of Ava” will be screened at Spanish festival. 

Iranian director’s film “For the Sake of Ava” is competing at the 4th edition of the Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Madrid (FICIMAD), which is currently underway in the Spanish capital. 

The film is the story about a group of teenage girls who are part of a theater group and are trying to attend a festival abroad. Ava, an Iranian-Afghan immigrant, is the main actress in the group and is struggling to obtain a passport. The film highlights the challenges and resilience of young artists pursuing their dreams in the face of adversity.

FICIMAD is an annual international competition held in Spain that welcomes submissions from filmmakers worldwide. The festival aims to recognize and reward films based on their originality and creativity, taking into account budget constraints as part of the judging criteria.

The primary mission of FICIMAD is to discover and showcase talented filmmakers from around the globe, fostering discussion and study within the filmmaking community. The festival seeks experimental films that push boundaries in language, literature, and visual expression, including non-narrative and avant-garde works that challenge traditional storytelling methods.

In addition to experimental films, FICIMAD welcomes essay films, epistolary cinema, documentaries, animation, performance art films, and oratorical works. Selected films will be showcased in top cinemas in Madrid, with detailed reviews featured in the Official FICIMAD Magazine. The festival prioritizes a diverse selection of films to reach a broad audience while supporting artistic exploration and personal expression.


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