IFVA Awards hosts Iranian short movies

Iranian short films will be screened at 29th edition of IFVA Awards.

IFVA Awards hosts Iranian short movies

MojNews-Iranian short films will be screened at 29th edition of IFVA Awards. 

“Can I Hug You?” directed by Hossein Bahboudirad and “Mirage” by Atefeh Salehi will be shown at the Asian New Force section of the festival, while “Our Uniform” by Yeganeh Moghaddam will go on screen at the animation category. 

The film "Can I Hug You?" centers on Hossein, a filmmaker grappling with childhood trauma that he has long struggled to discuss due to toxic masculinity and related stereotypes. Through the encouragement and help of his wife, Elahe, he finds the strength to confront and address his deep-seated issues.

In "Mirage," the narrative unfolds around an enigmatic young woman hitching a ride on a truck. As she interacts with the driver, memories of her troubled past and distant father come flooding back. Spending the night with the driver, a striking resemblance triggers something within her. Before dawn breaks, she delivers a fatal blow to the sleeping driver and vanishes into the night, leaving behind a mystery in her wake.

In “Our Uniform,” an Iranian girl recalls school-age memories through the wrinkles and fabrics of her old uniform, quite literally. Rather than using paper, canvas, or a digital medium, Moghaddam painted directly on the cloth used for making school uniforms to tell the story of a character who dreams of a better future.

Established by the Hong Kong Arts Center, IFVA is a leading platform for nurturing film and visual media in Asia, originally known as the Hong Kong Independent Short Film and Video Awards. Since its inception in 1995, IFVA has been dedicated to championing creative talents across Asia, showcasing short films, videos, animation, and media art.

With an innovative approach and strong emphasis on independent expression, IFVA continuously strives to showcase diverse visual cultures and explore the limitless possibilities of creative media. Apart from its annual competition and festival, IFVA organizes various programs under the "Cultivation" and "Engagement" initiatives. By fostering connections with creative communities worldwide, IFVA seeks to inspire and involve individuals in the art of creation. Additionally, IFVA is a key event within Entertainment Expo Hong Kong, further solidifying its significance in the industry.


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