Tajik well known musician Davlatmand Kholov passed away

Tajik prominent musician Davlatmand Kholov passed away at 74.

Tajik well known musician Davlatmand Kholov passed away

MojNews-Tajik prominent musician Davlatmand Kholov passed away at 74. 

After a long battle with cancer, the celebrated Tajik virtuoso and music composer Davlatmand Kholov, known to many Iranians for his heartfelt rendition of the piece "Shah Panaham Bedeh” (King, Save Me), passed away on Monday. He was 74. 

Kholov was highly regarded by pioneer musicians of Tajikistan. His timeless Piece "Shah Panaham Bedeh” is dedicated to Imam Reza (AS), the eighth Shiite imam, and has been cherished by both Tajik and Iranian audiences alike.

Born in 1950, he specialized in the southern folk genre of Tajik music known as Falak, or ‘the firmament’. A versatile multi-instrumentalist, Kholov received formal training in Shashmaqam at the Conservatory of Music in Dushanbe. He was renowned for his mastery of instruments such as the dutar, ghijak, and setar, all of which are popular in Central Asia.

Having earned a doctorate in music from the prestigious Tajikistan Music School and Tajikistan Art University, Kholov was not only a talented vocalist and instrumentalist but also a highly respected educator. His teachings in vocal and instrumental music played a significant role in shaping the next generation of musicians in Tajikistan.

Kholov's performances often featured verses from renowned Persian mystic Jalal ad-Din Rumi. This fusion of Tajik and Persian influences in his music resonated deeply with fans of classical music in the region, showcasing his innovative approach to composition.

In addition to performing with various ensembles, he also shared his wisdom and experience as a teacher at several educational institutions in Tajikistan.

Over the years, Kholov performed in numerous concerts and festivals both in Tajikistan and abroad, showcasing his talent and spreading awareness of Tajik music. He has also released several albums, garnering critical acclaim.

One of Kholov's notable works is the album "The Voices of Falak", in which Kholov employed European symphonic arrangements to depict stories of Tajik life and rural traditions. This unique fusion of traditional Tajik music with symphonic elements showcased Kholov's innovative approach to music and storytelling.

Davlatmand Kholov's contributions to the world of music were further enriched by his collaborations with renowned Iranian musicians, as evidenced by the joint concerts he performed in Tehran on several occasions that highlighted the fusion of Tajik and Persian musical traditions. These concerts were highly anticipated events that celebrated the cultural heritage shared between the two countries, fostering greater understanding and appreciation for each other's musical styles.

In addition to his successful career as a performer, Kholov was also a respected teacher and mentor to aspiring musicians in Tajikistan. His dedication to preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of his homeland, as well as his commitment to fostering musical collaboration between Tajikistan and Iran, solidified his legacy as a musical pioneer in the region.


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