Riyadh Cultural Palace hosts Iranian Music Night

Riyadh Cultural Palace hosts Iranian Music Night on Thursday..

Riyadh Cultural Palace hosts Iranian Music Night

MojNews-Riyadh Cultural Palace hosts Iranian Music Night on Thursday.. 

 In a special event, the Riyadh Cultural Palace in Saudi Arabia played host to an enchanting Iranian music night on Thursday. 

The Iranian ensemble of Soroush-e Molana showcased traditional and authentic Iranian musical pieces in celebration of the victory of the Islamic Revolution during the event.

In his opening remarks, Alireza Enayati, Iran's ambassador to Riyadh, expressed gratitude to the Saudi Foreign Ministry for coordinating the successful "Iranian Music Night" event. 

Emphasizing Iran's cultural richness, Enayati underscored the significance of cultural exchange between Iran and Saudi Arabia, noting that art and culture have the power to unite hearts.

The performance by "Soroush-e Molana," led by Hossein Sojudi on tar and featuring vocals by Abbas Rahbarnia, tar and kamancheh by Ali Kheshtinejad, and daf by Mohammad Sarbaz, captivated the audience, receiving hearty applause that echoed throughout the Cultural Palace.

This event marked the first in a series of cultural programs organized by Iran's embassy in Riyadh during the Ten-Day Fajr celebrations, observed this year from February 1 to 11. 

Cultural weeks, music nights, film screenings, and book events serve as common cultural exchanges between countries, with Iran consistently presenting special programs during national and Islamic holidays over the past four decades. These initiatives have garnered attention and appreciation from local authorities, citizens, diplomats, and Iranian expatriates residing abroad.


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