Iran Media Expo will be held in February

Iran media Expo will be Held from February 18 to 21,

Iran Media Expo will be held in February

MojNews-After 6 years halt, Iran media Expo will be Held from February 18 to 21. 

The 24th edition of the Iran Media Expo is set to take place at Tehran’s Imam Khomeini Mosalla from February 18 to 21, marking its return after a six-year break, announced the organizers.

At a press conference in Tehran on Tuesday, Farshad Mehdipour, the Deputy Minister of Media and Advertising at the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, revealed that the Iran Media Expo, previously known as Press Exhibition, will make a comeback with new changes and advancements.

Various forms of media, including print, online, news agencies, new media, and knowledge-based media, have been invited to participate in the upcoming event, Mehdipour stated. Additionally, special attention has been given to the technology sector, with a designated section for knowledge-based media groups.

"This year's exhibition will feature the presence of media activists and digital influencers, alongside a dedicated booth for international media representatives from Russia, Qatar, China, Lebanon, Turkey, and other countries," he added.

A section will also be dedicated to Gaza and renowned international media outlets have been invited to join the expo, with specific focus on European media activists who have been engaged in coverage of Gaza over the past four months, he explained. 

Around 600 media sources from Iran have already expressed interest in participating, with plans for 32 expert sessions and the possibility of additional sessions if space permits, he added. 

Workshops aimed at journalists, communication students, and the journalism community are also in the works, he noted. 

The expo will feature specialized sessions on media economics, journalism experience transfer, book introductions, new technologies, media literacy enhancement, and communication theory. Furthermore, sessions will be dedicated to honoring Iranian media veterans and national personalities.

"We hope to welcome over 20 veteran figures from different provinces to the event and pay tribute to their contributions. Additionally, five national media personalities will be recognized for their achievements," Mehdipour concluded.

Moreover, with the presence of artist Mohammad Ruholamin, the poster of the 24th Iran Media Expo was unveiled.

Ruholamin, the designer of this poster, stated that today, new media bears no resemblance to the media of the past and has turned into a being more like a robot.

" I tried to depict the poster in a different form, resembling a newspaper with recording and broadcasting elements."

"In the form of a character, it can also be the translation of human media, taking on all responsibilities related to news. I designed a surreal work for this festival, aiming to make the connection between people and media more intimate."

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