Iran, Brazil to Establish Joint Cooperatives

Iranian Cooperative Minister said that the way for establishment of Iran-Brazil joint cooperatives has been paved.

At a meeting between Iran's cooperative minister Mohammad Abbasi and Brazilian ambassador to Iran, the two sides reviewed ways of expanding bilateral economic ties especially in cooperative sector.
Abbasi referred to the friendly ties and remarkable political interactions between Iran and Brazil adding that the bilateral trade should also gain remarkable bolster in near future.
Emphasizing on the necessity of the establishment of joint cooperatives between the two countries, he said that such an initiation could result in expansion of bilateral trade.
"Iranian cooperatives could be regarded as proper partners for Brazilian commercial formations and organizations," he said.
He invited Brazilian cooperatives syndicate officials to visit Iran.
The Brazilian ambassador welcomed the suggestions announcing his country's readiness to boost ties with Iran especially in cooperatives sector.
He said that two Brazilian delegations including industrial and foreign affairs ministries officials will visit Iran to pave the way for Brazilian Trade Minister's visit to the Islamic Republic which is scheduled for near future.
Brazil tends to open a credit line for Iran to boost bilateral interactions and joint ventures with the Islamic Republic
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